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Picture this
Alright picture this a man sits on his hammock
Having just eat’n some fish and no risk of panic
“There’s plenty where that came from.” he thought
He only needs one until the sun starts to fall
He’ll cast his line again content with the catch
That provides his next meal there’s no appeal for a batch
No need to sell and no need for cash
No need to pay bills or the worry of income tax
Just outside his home that’s built from thatch
Lyes the beach and blue water that no post card could match
Shady days they’re followed by cool nights
He utilises and respects what the planet provides
On a beautiful day he raised his head
After hearing an engine off the coast it sped
Straight towards his island breaking the waves
Arrived a well dressed man with deals to be made
“Hi there, how are ya? great spot you got”
“How about we develop here and sub-divide the plots.”
“What do you mean?” he asked
“What do I mean? With the money we make you could live the dream!”
“How so?” he questioned looking puzzled

“Well imagine your life with no financial troubles!”
“A life with the latest clothes and the latest cars!”
“Nights on the town with A list stars!”
“Invest some money in stock and property...”
“So when you’re ready you can retire properly.”
“On a tropical island relaxed and mind clear!”
The man raised his head and said...
“Brother, I’m already here.”


from Raw Intelligence, released November 5, 2015
Produced by: Rob Shaker
Written by: Graphic



all rights reserved


Graphic Perth, Australia

For many years, Graphic (of Perth based hiphop group Clandestien) has developed a lyrical and poetic writing style filled with complex rhyme patterns and even more complicated subject matter. His life experiences, in particular several trips throughout Latin America, have helped to shape his perspective and feelings towards modern civilisation. His thoughts can be describe as Raw Intelligence. ... more

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